“…the idiosyncratic and at times, frankly disturbing, Sicknote; five chancers from Cardiff who have knowingly or not, created one of the most distinguishable sounds ever. Mixing elements of Punk, Electro and Techno into a nasty, seedy and utterly danceable amalgamation, together with their ‘cabaret from hell’ style stageshow, makes them a definite one to watch.””
Just Another Mag

“i’ve seen them all … plant & page … arctic monkeys … radiohead … peter andre … but nothing comes close to a SICKNOTE live gig .”
-Leeroy V Beetal

“Sicknote smashed Boomtowns back doors in, stole the family silver and just left a steaming turd as evidence.”
-Kevin Bailey

“The future is here… and its a punk-shaped freaky robot on a new drug from Neptune.”

“Something freaky is festering in the backstreets of Cardiff, something strange that has not yet been classified by science or the NME.”
-Clint, Peppermint Iguana

“I find it hard to imagine a festival without Sicknote on the bill, they have created such a buzz.”
-Art Hooligan, Festival Eye Team

“A punky messy techno abortion.”
Bizarre Magazine

“The era of the twenty-first century’s mass orgasm is upon us and Sicknote are fronting the road for all us demented audio perverts.”
-Wesley Gerrard, Shuffle

“The best live band I’ve had in my venue in 25 years.”
-John Sicolo RIP, TJ’s Newport

” A Cardiff institution and a never-diminishing force on the party dance circuit, there are still few nights out that compare.”

“Death, sex, horror, comedy in a unique blend of vocalised mayhem and deep bone crushing beats and razor sharp rhythms.”
Norris Nuvo

“A dilapidated Prodigy who churn their audience into a frenzy.”
The Times

“Like the Avalanches if they were British. Lonely and shit. 1/5.”
God Is In The TV

“If there’s a band truer to the spirit of punk rock in the internet age, we’re yet to meet them.”
Welsh Icons

“The best band I have seen all year.”
-Soapy, Festival Eye Mag

‎”A massive throbbing orgy of hedonism.”
Vice Magazine

“You aint getting no quotes from me”
-Greg Dread, Dreadzone

“I may have lost me dignity, but I kept my PEG”
-Katie Crow

“Crass, who sprang from free-festival culture in the mid 1970s, are one of the few revered acts, applauded for their year-zero edge. But there are many more bands deserving similar respect, such as …techno-punks, Sicknote.”
The Guardian

“Best act on our stage all weekend!….. they killed it and then drank the Scratch Perverts rider! bloody lengendary!”
-Ben Peer, Nozstock Festival

“Like being attacked by robot killer bees in Mark E Smiths head with a bit of LCD Soundsystem thrown in there”
Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“Chaos theory in motion.”
-Dave Skelcey, Club Neurotica

“Sicknote is a lot like, dying, going to hell, falling through a trap door onto the planet prog rock. Toppling into a volcano of musical vomit, and coming out married to my arse”
-Jowell, Sounds Incorporated

“Acer than a Brick Lane bagel.”
-James McMahon, NME

“The best live band on earth.”
-Ryan Heeger, Buzz Magazine

“Rampant Party Kings of the alternative scene.”
Metro Weekender

“If there is any family history of mental health problems going back 2,000 years DO NOT go and see this band”
-Thimbleberry Festival

“The best underground dance act we have ever booked.”
-Workhouse Festival

“A carnival of chaos.”
-Killski, Antwerp

“Sicknote’s ‘Brandman’ is an absolute belter.”
Stool Pigeon

“The freshest thing we’ve seen in years. Our new favourite band.”
Alabama 3

“Probably the weirdest track we’ve ever played on our show.”
-Bethan and Huw, Radio 1

“Sick show with great sounds and a real threat for the eye.”
Totaal Festival, Holland

“Unique, quirky, mischievous, occasionally dark and consistently twisted.”

“The best band since Black Lace.”
Rev. Dread

17 thoughts on “quotes

  1. Flapsandwich says:

    there has been some great quote from the fans… most of which we have forgotten… please post yours here, good or bad X

  2. Steve Bell says:

    when I Stumbled upon sicknote for the first time at BoomTownFair I was on acid, everyone was in mad fancy dress, atmosphere, totally immense… mindblowing sounds and visually headfucking experience I felt like I was in hell AND IT FELT RIGHT, no other live act does it quite like Sicknote

  3. Simon Goulding says:

    If screaming lord such had knocked about with basement jaxx and they all taken an acid anally it may have been something like this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    went to a sick note gig… had an EPIC time :))) couple of mates half my age(i’m 42) – had one complaint… it was a bit mental ! raaaahhhhh! :)))

    • Windly says:

      Добрый день, вот такой вопрос у меня возник, насколько сложно найти жилье в Едмонтоне в относительно безопасном раионе? согласно различным статистикам по vacation rate-очень сложно, может у кого то есть проверенная схема как искать и где? заранее благодарна за ответы и советы

  5. Anonymous says:

    ‘are you lot just after some lyrics or wot?’, & you can quote me on that.

  6. Flakey says:

    One of my fave quotes wasn’t mine it was made by Nimbin Convert
    You dont go to a Sicknote Gig – you LIVE it :))))
    I concur and never want it to stop xx

  7. a nationwide gaggle of freaks unite every weekend to get hammered

  8. “sicknote are like a big wank gone wrong” – wez g

  9. Anonymous says:

    sicknote are quite good

  10. A pissed up, Anarchist, joke band.

  11. “Sicknote is a bit of a fannyfarm really isn’t it.” -johnny nocash

  12. lovely tribe of gorgeous people! i love you

  13. Anonymous says:

    sicknote stole my penis

  14. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think, Sicknote think for me.

  15. Joe Graham says:

    Best thing since the Sex Pistols.

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