free shit


click here for your free download of: ‘EPIDEMIC’ live album (limited edition CD now deleted)

There’s loads more tunes, clobber and shit….kit yourself out with some seroius sick shit… from HERE.

18 thoughts on “free shit

  1. Jamie Caudle says:

    Great giveaways here, all around. Thank you guys for making such Badass TUNEZ! The greatest band in the world….is SICKNOTE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sick, as ever… Boomtown ahoy!! TEE HEE. x

  3. oystercake says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeey epidemick! pleaze can sicknote release righteous! best tune!

  4. george symington says:

    what a show last night guys,fucking tremendous,loved it…and will be posting some video soon as possible,need to put it on vimeo,will post a link.Or if you want it yourselves I can do that too

  5. You says:

    Your going to Get hacked….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Went to see Sicknote for the first time on Friday fricking awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant wait till the next time cheers for the free stuff comrade’s

  7. Viia Adores Lovelight Atelier says:

    Tunes totally rule. Wow!

  8. Graves says:

    Top Top Stuff! You guys doing Beatherder Festival this year? I ask for no other reason than that i’m going and would selifishly like to see you guys there as well!

    See yers

  9. Anonymous says:

    still the best band in the world. soapy

  10. Flapsandwich says:

    generous cunts aint we

  11. norris says:

    suck my chode xx

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