September 23, 2012 by Flapsandwich

L-R: Ady HD, Stew, Flakey

Filth broke down. All running LATE!

6 hour drive.

20 minutes to set up and get on stage.

smashed it.

drinks round the fire.

Ady fell on fire – The Singed Dodo. They put her out with cider. Happy Birthday.

Slept in the Corsa.

Woke up to beaming sun.

Flakey broke her funny bone.

Massive ginger bloke. Long beard. Rammstein Tshirt. Swinging little pink ribbons. FUCK POI!

DJed to a packed tent. Bongo player done my nut in!!

5 hour drive home.



Here is my DJ Set from yesterday….

nice 1


8 thoughts on “ALCHEMY FESTIVAL 2012

  1. Simon Betts says:

    Sounds like a blast! Shame I missed it. See you all in London though, can’t wait! xx

  2. lizziecorkster says:

    Haha! Love it! … Hmm.. there’s always some twat on a bongo!😉 xx

  3. Si says:

    Fucking loves u lot innit! X

  4. Anonymous says:

    nice one flappy sounds good as always

  5. monk says:

    quite night as usual then bro

  6. Hiya Guys, was with Ady round at Stu’s when she was unfairly attacked by the fire! Ady, saw you supportin your mates on stage, you were all great! Stu, if you see this, please reply……Love and hugs to you all, from Mark

  7. Amit says:

    I just looked up this moon pjrceot after coming across this post and I have to say this might be my favorite series of photographs ever. The visual concept is simply amazing.

  8. Tony Thrower says:

    Wow! Man such Groovy stuff Jason, like – far out man….catch you on the flap side, Percy x

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