Jesus visits Lampeter to END SICKNOTE


September 9, 2012 by Flapsandwich

©Pinky Marvin


it was a strange night. i was almost deafened by the sounds that pounded my head relentlessly via the home made 10k monitors from local legend, Carrot. the place shook. the vibe was weird. some people were dancing and loving it.  some folk tried to dance on stage and were dragged off by shouting women!! then people we knew suddenly decided to start shouting abuse at us.. including good friends declaring that we are flogging a dead horse. and other people we knew shouting at us calling us cunts for not looking after them now they have moved to cardiff.

I was hassled on stage relentlessly which is one of my pet hates. and at one point threw someone across the stage with all my strength. People were falling all over the amps and monitors and drinks spilled all over the stage. The gig was weird as fuck….. and a total ball ache…. there was plenty of sick and a few fights as usual  and some cunt physically harrassed the filths misses.

And then cue a power cut that left the whole place in darkness and everyone screaming!!!
This fucked the performance…. after 10 minutes it came back and then another!!! we played for about 2 minutes and then……

after the third we packed up our shit and left the darkened sweaty room . The rest of the night carried on without any problems and Audiohertz smashed it.

It was a weird old night and i headed off in the rain with a miserable Johnny Nocash and a snoring Dr Conker in the back….. Me and Tommy Tank up front chatted all the way back to cardiff.

I was totally spun out feeling totally disconnected to anyone in the Quarry that night…. and was glad to be the fuck out of there.

then, just this morning i recieved an email and this is what it read,
(drop us a comment below).

Cheers, Flaps. x


To the band, Sicknote:


What you experienced in the Quarry on September 1st were powercuts and a break in the power behind your performance. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I was told during a prayer to God to specifically to lay my hand on the wall outside of the quarry that evening. I did not know it, but as soon as I prayed 100m away from the building, the power cut inside the quarry. It cut a further 2 times in prayer before I lay my hand on the wall and felt a light appear that separated your band from the audience, and then an angel of the Lord appeared and did something that stopped the performance.


As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I command your band members to repent and turn your face to God, the one who will judge you after you die. Your current master will only lead you to your own destruction, into the lake of fire and burning sulphur. Jesus Christ is the only way you can save yourself and live.

(i have hidden the identity of the sender in case he does not want to be identified)


25 thoughts on “Jesus visits Lampeter to END SICKNOTE

  1. stu phillips says:

    It was a wierd night to be sure.

  2. Good Grief!! There’s definitely a lot of weirdos about… Much more impressive would have been if he (I’m presuming it’s a he?) had let you know BEFORE the gig that it was on the cards…! Sounds like the whole gig was a bit twisted – or is it just Lampeter?? No Gods, No Masters… Keep up the good work, boys – or have you all SEEN THE LIGHT??? Ahahahaha… xxx

    • Noe says:

      aww its sad i never get to enjoy my dad’s company since he pssaed away when i was 10 he is a good swimmer and now i cant even swim im a daddy’s girl so super nmiss ko xa pero im closer now to my mom haysss so much for regrets at least you’ve realised and he will be happy to know

  3. Anonymous says:

    i had fun xxx

  4. Stano says:

    Go on put his/her name up, surely a disciple of the lord jesus Christ would want to be recognised as such. Perhaps if this person has such amazing powers they could use them to help starving nations and end war and corruption? they must be truly blessed…..

  5. norris says:

    Offer the god-bothering cunt a spot on stage, maybe do a duet with Doghouse hahahahaha

  6. Piecacake says:

    Have you ever heard of leaky coax cable? Its a weapon of choice for making people feel unwell, bad and uncomfortable, and to also hear strange noises and or voices.

    Me thinks this Jesus may have got a bit close to some leaky coax and hence affecting your gig and the mood of the people and possibly causing the power cuts?

    Leaky coax cable is designed to leak electricity / power / negative energy on purpose.

    Them terrorists come in the shape and taste of Jesus and Sausage (Jesus backwards)

    Anyway boys, there’s plenty of time to repent… well actually, there’s only a few months left now anyway😉

    See you at Alchemy for big piss up ! !:) xxxxxxxx

  7. Bonkers or what, bet Jesus would’ve liked you anyway…..

  8. Simon Pearce says:

    such a shame everyone doesn’t appriciate the fact that you lot just try to give people a good time and succeed for little return .As fer the little ray of godbothering sunshine ,he/she needs to see a doctor.i thought i was fuked up.take no notice.
    I’m busting a gut and will make the slimelight gig ,been absent the last three or four months .i can’t wait love en respect Si pearce xxxxx

  9. Han says:

    One person there was spreading the bad vibes, but he called himself JP not JC – that arsehole combined with dodgy electrics created a weird night for more than a few bods – lesson for the night? Eject troublemakers from venue at beginning of night rather than after they’ve done loads of peoples heads in, I felt like getting JP removed early on after he started his head games with me, but wrongly thought he was with you guys and didnt want to ‘create a scene’ – sorry for not doing so, don’t let this shit do yer heads in x

  10. C D says:

    Sorry the Lampeter gig wasn’t one of the best for you but every Sicknote gig I’ve seen has been wild, funny, exciting and musically top. You guys put on an amazing show and ,I’ve met diverse, happy and weird people at every one. There’ll always be knobs wherever you go, and sadly the occassional delusional nutter like the sender of above email. But don’t let that distract you from the performances you put on. Sicknote are clever, technically brilliant and even appear to have a bloody social conscience…love ya

  11. Cath says:

    I think he has got his message from the Divine being Jesus slightly twisted there Flaps..on reading the first part of his message I thought..”how amazing is that! Jesus has SAVED THE BOYS FROM LAMPETER!! ” …..maybe for your next gig there I could make you some funky sackcloth and ashes costumes xxxxx

  12. mad dave says:

    jason can yer ask that that friend of Jesus if he wants to come over to the sham and see if he can clock a couple of hundred quid up on me gas and electric meter? If he can put a few grand in me cash account as well I wont stop him,ill even pay his travilling expenses,but if hes that good i doubt Ill need to.Please help a skint cunt so he can get to more sicknote gigs

    • mad dave says:

      fuk just had like the most amazing moment !! right god said get this guy in the band and he can turn water into diesel to run the sick bus!!! praise the lord ! amen !

  13. Monk says:

    This is pretty crazy like

  14. JP says:

    Well at least some one owned up? Yet evidence has yet to be confirmed.

  15. tanya says:

    hehehe maybe you should turn your face to god …… i,m sure he,d love your music !!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    flappy, take no notice of the sad sick bastards out there man..,SICKNOTE ROCK.. END OF..was a crazy gig to be sure..but dont let it knock ya off course..we all loves ya.. and SICKNOTE are the best band in the world.. fuck em…xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. smeges says:

    fuck um.. keep it sick

  18. sonja says:

    hahaha dont worry yourselves with them,at least the music carried on whatever… Love your music and cant wait till Alchemy wooooohoooo

  19. i felt the vibe wz very strange even tho i stayed sober i thought it was that but no summin dark weird but still worth seeing all you guys catch ya on the next one keep it real peace and lentils xxx

  20. Si says:

    Bonkers mental! Sure he wasn’t jesub who works for Western Power!
    Gotta love it when da freaks come out!!

  21. shabba_ranx says:

    Quick repent before your doomed….who goes to gigs with the intent of wrecking it 4 folks,if u don’t like it don’t go,go to ya sheeples club,escape or summit!hope u guys don’t have some revalation n go god squad on us!(juz skiddin)

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