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August 13, 2012 by Flapsandwich

well that was fucking insane… slammed the bad apple bar with a dj flaps gig for the skank n stomp crew on thursday night -got it proper jumping and from there it descended into madness with: filthys 1 hour stag do (oops), the marriage (just), the moaning, the squealing, neil the bellend stage manager, marmite cheese, keith’s tits, a gaggle of fruit cakes on our stage at devil kicks, brain cells evaporating, ecstasy, poo nightmares, my sad blister, balloons, sleep deprivation, tequila slappers, sun, manky burritos, rip off stalls, begging for beer, all topped off with an epic show in the hidden woods sunday night to over a thousand ravers. we love you boomtown… thanks for another epic holiday in insanity. til next time.

if you got hold of one of these stickers then upload your photos of where you stuck it to our facebook page (if not follow the link to the shop and we’ll send some with any purchase)

here is a fuckload of free music. and below is a link to buy some shit to support us and kit yourself out with some quality gear. nice 1 catch you soon.


click me to visit the sick shop


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