June 3, 2012 by Flapsandwich



We have banged together this fat little remix to help you celebrate your Queen’s Jubilee this weekend. It’s a free download, originally for just 24 hours but there’s been a lot of messages from people who missed it so it’s now available all weekend until the Jubilee Horse Shit is over. Enjoy it. And Spread it far n wide. We hear Johnny Rotten is sailing on the Thames in a big plastic Country Life tub today. .  just listening to him on Radio 6 playing a wicked show and dropping an excellent new PiL track entitled ‘Out Of The Woods‘ – well worth checking out from the new album.

for now. here is the 2012 remix of the Sex Pistols classic, completely destroyed and free to download.

some of the comments on the Sex Pistols page on facebook have contained DEATH THREATS from old punks who were so offended!!! , drop us a comment below on what you think about it and whether John would improve(!):

One thought on “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN 2012

  1. Joe Embleton says:

    Fuckin’ SICK! Love it!!!

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