“…the idiosyncratic and at times, frankly disturbing, Sicknote; five chancers from Cardiff who have knowingly or not, created one of the most distinguishable sounds ever. Mixing elements of Punk, Electro and Techno into a nasty, seedy and utterly danceable amalgamation, together with their ‘cabaret from hell’ style stageshow, makes them a definite one to watch.””
-Just Another Mag

“i’ve seen them all … plant & page … arctic monkeys … radiohead … peter andre … but nothing comes close to a SICKNOTE live gig .”
-Leeroy V Beetal

“Sicknote smashed Boomtowns back doors in, stole the family silver and just left a steaming turd as evidence.”
-Kevin Bailey

“The future is here… and its a punk-shaped freaky robot on a new drug from Neptune.”

“Something freaky is festering in the backstreets of Cardiff, something strange that has not yet been classified by science or the NME.”
-Clint, Peppermint Iguana

“I find it hard to imagine a festival without Sicknote on the bill, they have created such a buzz.”
-Art Hooligan, Festival Eye Team

“A punky messy techno abortion.”
-Bizarre Magazine

“The era of the twenty-first century’s mass orgasm is upon us and Sicknote are fronting the road for all us demented audio perverts.”
-Wesley Gerrard, Shuffle

“The best live band I’ve had in my venue in 25 years.”
-John Sicolo RIP, TJ’s Newport

” A Cardiff institution and a never-diminishing force on the party dance circuit, there are still few nights out that compare.”

“Death, sex, horror, comedy in a unique blend of vocalised mayhem and deep bone crushing beats and razor sharp rhythms.”
-Norris Nuvo

“A dilapidated Prodigy who churn their audience into a frenzy.”
-The Times

“Like the Avalanches if they were British. Lonely and shit. 1/5.”
-God Is In The TV

“If there’s a band truer to the spirit of punk rock in the internet age, we’re yet to meet them.”
-Welsh Icons

“The best band I have seen all year.”
-Soapy, Festival Eye Mag

‎”A massive throbbing orgy of hedonism.”
Vice Magazine

“You aint getting no quotes from me”
-Greg Dread, Dreadzone

“I may have lost me dignity, but I kept my PEG”
-Katie Crow

“Crass, who sprang from free-festival culture in the mid 1970s, are one of the few revered acts, applauded for their year-zero edge. But there are many more bands deserving similar respect, such as …techno-punks, Sicknote.”
-The Guardian

“Best act on our stage all weekend!….. they killed it and then drank the Scratch Perverts rider! bloody lengendary!”
-Ben Peer, Nozstock Festival

“Like being attacked by robot killer bees in Mark E Smiths head with a bit of LCD Soundsystem thrown in there”
-Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“Chaos theory in motion.”
-Dave Skelcey, Club Neurotica

“Sicknote is a lot like, dying, going to hell, falling through a trap door onto the planet prog rock. Toppling into a volcano of musical vomit, and coming out married to my arse”
-Jowell, Sounds Incorporated

“Acer than a Brick Lane bagel.”
-James McMahon, NME

“The best live band on earth.”
-Ryan Heeger, Buzz Magazine

“Rampant Party Kings of the alternative scene.”
-Metro Weekender

“If there is any family history of mental health problems going back 2,000 years DO NOT go and see this band”
-Thimbleberry Festival

“The best underground dance act we have ever booked.”
-Workhouse Festival

“A carnival of chaos.”
-Killski, Antwerp

“Sicknote’s ‘Brandman’ is an absolute belter.”
-Stool Pigeon

“The freshest thing we’ve seen in years. Our new favourite band.”
-Alabama 3

“Probably the weirdest track we’ve ever played on our show.”
-Bethan and Huw, Radio 1

“Sick show with great sounds and a real threat for the eye.”
-Totaal Festival, Holland

“Unique, quirky, mischievous, occasionally dark and consistently twisted.”

“The best band since Black Lace.”
-Rev. Dread

17 thoughts on “quotes

  1. Flapsandwich says:

    there has been some great quote from the fans… most of which we have forgotten… please post yours here, good or bad X

  2. Steve Bell says:

    when I Stumbled upon sicknote for the first time at BoomTownFair I was on acid, everyone was in mad fancy dress, atmosphere, totally immense… mindblowing sounds and visually headfucking experience I felt like I was in hell AND IT FELT RIGHT, no other live act does it quite like Sicknote

  3. Simon Goulding says:

    If screaming lord such had knocked about with basement jaxx and they all taken an acid anally it may have been something like this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    went to a sick note gig… had an EPIC time :))) couple of mates half my age(i’m 42) – had one complaint… it was a bit mental ! raaaahhhhh! :)))

    • Windly says:

      Добрый день, вот такой вопрос у меня возник, насколько сложно найти жилье в Едмонтоне в относительно безопасном раионе? согласно различным статистикам по vacation rate-очень сложно, может у кого то есть проверенная схема как искать и где? заранее благодарна за ответы и советы

  5. Anonymous says:

    ‘are you lot just after some lyrics or wot?’, & you can quote me on that.

  6. Flakey says:

    One of my fave quotes wasn’t mine it was made by Nimbin Convert
    You dont go to a Sicknote Gig – you LIVE it :))))
    I concur and never want it to stop xx

  7. a nationwide gaggle of freaks unite every weekend to get hammered

  8. “sicknote are like a big wank gone wrong” – wez g

  9. Anonymous says:

    sicknote are quite good

  10. A pissed up, Anarchist, joke band.

  11. “Sicknote is a bit of a fannyfarm really isn’t it.” -johnny nocash

  12. lovely tribe of gorgeous people! i love you

  13. Anonymous says:

    sicknote stole my penis

  14. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think, Sicknote think for me.

  15. Joe Graham says:

    Best thing since the Sex Pistols.

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